Postal Updates

U.S. Postal Service launches stamp-ordering pilot program

Jun 27, 2014, 2 AM

The logo for the new internal U.S. Postal Service stamp-ordering program to be launched this summer.

The United States Postal Service is rolling out a new internal software program to assist post offices in their efforts to manage their stamp orders.

The Postal Service said its new Stamp Fulfillment Services (SFS) Web online application will “make it easier for Postmasters and customer service and retail managers to submit and manage stamp orders.”

Some offices started using the new online platform June 23 in a pilot phase.

Full implementation of the program will take place nationwide through September.

“The new service stems from a process that began last fall, when Postmasters and field managers participated in focus groups to identify ways to simplify and improve stamp ordering,” the Postal Service said in its announcement of the new program.