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CDC coronavirus mailing comes under fire

Mar 30, 2020, 3 PM
This coronavirus COVID-19 mailing from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been sent to 130 million United States households. One side of the card prominently features President Trump’s name, and the other side provides guidelines for slowi

Washington Postal Scene by Bill McAllister

The Trump administration has come under fire for a national postal card mailing about coronavirus COVID-19 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that prominently features the president’s name.

“President Trump’s coronavirus guidelines for America,” say the cards that went to 130 million homes in the United States, according to a story published March 27 on the USA Today website.

Dr. Michael Carome, director of the health research group at Public Citizen in Washington, D.C., attacked the mailing, which bears the logos of the White House and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“This is another outrageous example of Trump using the levers of the executive branch to promote himself and his own interests, rather than act in the best interest of public health,” Carome told Linn’s in a March 30 email.

“By having his name prominently attached to this CDC flyer, many Americans are likely to disregard the important and sound advice being provided,” he said.

The other side of the card provides guidelines for slowing the spread of the coronavirus, including practicing good hygiene and working from home whenever possible.

“It is critical that you do your part to slow the spread of the coronavirus,” the card says.

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