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Date meets ZIP in five Southern California postmarks in September

Apr 28, 2021, 10 AM
A Steller’s jay is featured on a Sept. 23 postmark from Blue Jay, CA 92317, matching the numbers of the ZIP code with the digits in the postmark date.

Postmark Pursuit — By Michael Baadke

Some postmark collectors enjoying tracking down post offices with ZIP codes that correspond to a current date. And often, the post offices anticipate the demand by creating a special commemorative postmark.

This week there are five Southern California post offices listed that are having fun with concept of “Date meets ZIP.” For example, the little town of Blue Jay, Calif., which has a ZIP code of 92317, is offering a special postmark for Sept. 23 (or 9-23-17).

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Four postmarks are being serviced by the San Diego office, so to obtain any of these postmarks, address your requests to:

DATE MEETS ZIP Station, Postmaster, 11251 Rancho Carmel Drive, San Diego, CA 92199-9996.

When you mail in your request, include a note to specify which of the four postmarks you would like:

— Dulzura, CA 91917, Sept. 19. (Scenic hillside.)

— William Taft, CA 92117, representing San Diego’s William Taft branch post office, Sept. 21. (Stars and stripes banner.)

— Blue Jay, CA 92317, Sept. 23. (Steller’s jay.)

— Riverside, CA 92517, Sept. 25. (Fruit tree.)

The fifth postmark is from Lomita, Calif., and has been granted a 30-day extension. Address your request to:

DATE MEETS ZIP Station, Postmaster, 25131 Narbonne Ave., Lomita, CA 90717-9998, Sept. 7. (Hills and palm tree.)

The following postmarks are also available:

25th ANNUAL POOLESVILLE DAY Station, Postmaster, 19820 Fisher Ave., Poolesville, MD 20837-9998, Sept. 16. (Banner with “Poolesville Celebrating 150 Years,” “1867-2017.”)

PURIPEX Station, San Juan Stamp Distribution Office, c/o Puerto Rico Stamp Office, 585 Ave FD Roosevelt, Suite 110, San Juan, PR 00936-9681, Sept. 18. (Fortress featured on 1937 3¢ stamp, “Dedicated to the 80th Anniversary of La Fortaleza Stamp, On the way to the 500th Anniversary of the City of San Juan.”)

GRAN LOGIA SOBERANA Station, c/o Puerto Rico Stamps Office, 585 Ave FD Roosevelt, Suite 223, San Juan, PR 00936-9681, Sept. 19. (Wavy lines, “132 Aniversario, Gran Logia Soberana de Libres y Aceptados Masones de Puerto Rico.”)

MAYBERRY DAYS Station, Postmaster, 111 S. Main St., Mt. Airy, NC 27030-9998, Sept. 19-22. (Six-string acoustic guitar.)

CULVER CITY CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION Station, Postmaster, 7001 S. Central Ave., Room 337, Los Angeles, CA 90052- 9998, Sept. 20. (Text only, large “100,” “Culver City.”)

APPLEFEST Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, New Paris, OH 45347-9998, Sept. 22. (Apple, “AppleFest,” “Village of New Paris Bicentennial Celebration 1817-2017, Up on the Housetop, Benjamin Hanby 1864.”)

WARRENS CRANBERRY FESTIVAL Station, Postmaster, 302 Main St., Warrens, WI 54666-9998, Sept. 22. (Cranberries.)

APPLE UMPKIN FESTIVAL Station, Postmaster, 2 S. Academy St., Wyoming, NY 14591-9998, Sept. 23. (Academy exterior, “Middlebury Academy 200th Bicentennial.”)

FINN FEST USA Station, Postmaster, 100 First St. S., Minneapolis, MN 55401-9998, Sept. 23. (Text only in box, “Suomi Finland 100” against dark background; “100 years of Independence/1917-2017.”)

NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY AND CULTURE DED Station, Philatelic Clerk, 2 Massachusetts Ave. NE, Washington, DC 20002-9998, Sept. 24. (Museum exterior, “1st Anniversary.”)

The following cancels have been granted 30-day extensions:

AMERICA’S BEAUTIFUL NATIONAL PARKS Station, Stamp Fulfillment Services Cancellations, 8300 NE Underground Drive, Pilar 210, Kansas City, MO 64144-9998, Aug. 30. (Trees and American flag, circular marking with Ellis Island facility exterior, “Ellis Island, NJ 07305,” 11 stars outside circle.)

ALBION Station, Postmaster, 3350 Albion Ridge Road, Albion, CA 95410-9998, Sept. 1. (Segment of highway bridge, “California Highway One, Albion River Bridge, Completed 1944.”)

NOTRE DAME, IN Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, 1 PO Security Building, Notre Dame, IN 46556-9998, Sept. 2. (Signature of Ted Hesburgh, “Reverend Father Theodore Hesburgh, C.S.C.”)

SANDWICH FAIR Station, Postmaster, 22 N. Eddy St., Sandwich, IL 60548-9998, Sept. 6-10. (Blades of farm windmill, “Sandwich Fair 2017, Since 1888,” “Celebrating our 130th Fair!”)

OMAHA STAMP SHOW Station, Postmaster, 1124 Pacific St., Omaha, NE 68108-9998, Sept. 9-10. (Four-line killer bars, stamp frame replacing circular datestamp, “Nebraska 150th Anniversary.”)

FLIGHT 93 NATIONAL MEMORIAL Station, Retail Manager, 1001 California Ave., Room 2036, Pittsburgh, PA 15290, Sept. 11. (Segment of Shanksville memorial, “Shanksville, PA 15560, Sixteenth Anniversary.”)

Share information by writing to Postmark Pursuit, Box 4129, Sidney, OH 45365.

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