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George Washington Masonic Club marks legacy with annual postmark

Mar 10, 2024, 11 AM
Each year, the George Washington Masonic Stamp Club issues a postmark on Feb. 22, the day Washington was born in 1732.

Postmark Pursuit by Molly Goad

Annually on the birthdate of its namesake, the George Washington Masonic Stamp Club issues a commemorative pictorial postmark to honor the legacy of George Washington.

Born on Feb. 22, 1732, into a Virginia planter family, America’s Founding Father became a master mason in his hometown of Fredericksburg, Va., at the age of 21.

Formally organized in the fall of 1956, the George Washington Masonic Stamp Club has a rich history.

A 1959 club document captures its vision. “The spiritual inspiration which man derives from knowledge of masonry and the material pleasure which he finds in philately (stamp collecting), open limitless vistas to him.”

With this philosophy, the club’s founders established a social group where masons could gather and delve into the teachings of masonry through philately.

The George Washington Masonic Stamp Club specializes in United States first-day covers of masonic significance. The club’s annual meeting convenes on the Sunday following Washington’s birthday, at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial Building in Alexandria, Va.

To obtain the postmark, address your request to:

GEORGE WASHINGTON MASONIC STAMP CLUB Station, Postmaster, 3500T Mount Vernon Memorial Highway, Mount Vernon, VA 22121-9998, Feb. 22.

Share information by writing to Postmark Pursuit, Box 4129, Sidney, OH 45365.

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