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Introducing new columnist covering U.S. postal services

Jun 27, 2023, 1 PM
The Delivering the Mail column by Allen Abel debuts in this issue of Linn’s. Image courtesy of Allen Abel.

Philatelic Foreword by Jay Bigalke

The Linn’s editorial team is excited to debut a new column, Delivering the Mail, in this issue. Experienced journalist Allen Abel will be covering the postal news beat and brings with him a wealth of knowledge with regard to reporting.

Additionally, he has been a Linn’s subscriber for decades and even worked briefly at one point for the United States Postal Service in New York.

Previously, he has served as a Capitol Hill and White House reporter during the Barack Obama and Donald Trump administrations; as the Beijing bureau chief and featured sports columnist of the Toronto Globe and Mail; and as a regular contributor to Scientific American Worldview, Smithsonian Air & Space, Sports Illustrated, Maclean’s, Canadian Geographic and En Route.

His Capitol Hill and White House reporting experience are a perfect fit for future coverage of postal news and events. Abel has also expressed interest in expanding coverage of postal news that goes beyond Washington, D.C., and the coverage of Dog Bite Awareness Week for the first column is a nod to future contributions.

Abel has won six National Magazine awards for political, travel and sports writing and also has received the National Newspaper award. He has written five nonfiction books as well.

Outside of journalism, he has served as creator, host, narrator, writer, producer or field director on more than 500 separate productions that range from documentaries for HBO, the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, National Geographic Television, the National Film Board and CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), to feature items for Hockey Night In Canada, CBC News and CBC Sports.

Abel holds a degree in physics and astronomy from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y. He lived and worked in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, for a quarter of a century and is a dual U.S.-Canadian citizen. Currently, he resides in Maryland with his wife, Natalia, a media relations manager at American University; and their daughter Lizzie, an incoming freshman at Michigan State University.

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