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New Hampshire postmark honors quadricentennial

Jan 6, 2024, 10 AM
New Castle is the smallest and easternmost town in New Hampshire, and the only one located entirely on islands.

Postmark Pursuit by Molly Goad

In celebration of the remarkable 400-year history of New Castle, N.H., a new pictorial postmark has been introduced.

Situated on the Atlantic, New Castle is the sole town in New Hampshire made up entirely of islands, covering about 500 acres (0.8 square miles). Established in 1623, officially chartered in 1679 and incorporated in 1693 during the rule of William and Mary, New Castle has a history that spans centuries. Presently, it is home to a modest residential population of just more than 1,000.

Some key features of New Castle include the Great Island Common recreational park, the historic Wentworth by the Sea Hotel, the University of New Hampshire Judd Gregg Marine Research Complex, a Coast Guard station, and Fort Constitution and Fort Stark state parks.

These amenities, combined with its island setting, make New Castle an appealing place for both residents and visitors.

To obtain the postmark, address your request to:

QUADRICENTENNIAL Station, Postmaster, 73 Main St., New Castle, NH 03854, Dec. 28.

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