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Send a ‘sweet, simple message’ with a postmark from Bliss, N.Y.

Jan 31, 2023, 10 AM
The famous heart symbol made by two hands is available on this February pictorial cancel from Bliss, N.Y.

Postmark Pursuit by Molly Goad

The hand-heart gesture popularized by Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and other celebrities has made its way onto the pictorial postmark from Bliss, N.Y., shown nearby.

Although Swift and Bieber didn’t invent the hand heart, their use of it at concerts helped propel the gesture into the mainstream. In the 2011 New York Times article, “When Two Thumbs Down Are a Sign of Approval,” Swift said, “It’s just a sweet, simple message that you can deliver without saying a word.”

A second postmark offering sentiments of love comes from Romeo, Mich. The design shows a man on bended knee holding a rose in the air to a woman standing on a balcony.

To receive either cancellation, enclose your stamped, addressed Valentines in a larger envelope and mail them to the addresses here:

VALENTINE’S DAY Station, Postmaster, 6664 Route 362, Bliss, NY 14024-9998, Feb. 1.

ROMEO, MI Station, Postmaster, 119 Church St., Romeo, MI 48065-9998, Feb. 1.

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