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Sun, musical notes represent Woodstock on cancel

Aug 29, 2019, 9 AM
The U.S. Postal Service approved this Aug. 16 cancel in Bethel, N.Y., for Woodstock’s 50th anniversary.

Postmark Pursuit by Molly Goad

A Bethel, N.Y., pictorial postmark celebrates the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Woodstock Festival.

The festival, dubbed “3 Days of Peace & Music,” brought almost half a million people together on a 600-acre dairy farm 43 miles southwest of Woodstock, N.Y., on Aug. 15, 1969, through the morning of Aug. 18, 1969.

The United States Postal Service also issued a forever stamp commemorating the anniversary on Aug. 8.

To obtain the postmark, address your request to:

BETHEL, NY Station, Postmaster, 2166 State Route 17B, Bethel, NY 12720-9998.

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