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USPS begins its first loyalty rewards program

Aug 4, 2020, 12 PM
The United States Postal Service began its first loyalty rewards program on Aug. 1.

By Bill McAllister, Washington Correspondent

With the blessing of new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, the United States Postal Service began its first loyalty rewards program on Aug. 1.

The program is designed to encourage business users of its Click-N-Ship program with added incentives to send their parcels via the agency’s Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express services.

The new loyalty program will give those shippers a $40 credit for each $500 spent with the Postal Service.

The credit can be used for up to a year and can be applied to future purchases of shipping labels.

A Postal Service official told Linn’s Stamp News the program was being developed under former Postmaster General Megan Brennan before DeJoy joined the agency this summer.

New business shippers also can earn a one-time welcome bonus of $40 for their first $500 purchase of shipping labels, the agency said.

The welcome bonus will be in addition to an introductory bonus that will give any shipper using Click-N-Ship labels a $20 credit on $500 in shipments made before Sept. 30.

Beginning in January 2021, the USPS will implement loyalty tiers that will reward high-volume shippers with increased discounts.

This will assign shippers gold or silver status depending on their volume of shipments in the previous year.

A shipper that spent $10,000 on shipments in the prior calendar year will be placed in the silver tier. Shippers in the silver tier earn $50 credit for each $500 spent on postal shipments.

Shippers who spent $20,000 in the prior year will be placed in a gold tier and will pay what the Postal Service refers to as “commercial base pricing” on their shipments.

The USPS said that the new program applies only to business users’ purchases of Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express labels through the Click-N-Ship program.

No registration is required for the loyalty program. New and existing registered business users of Click-N-Ship will be automatically enrolled, the agency said.

There is no limit to the rewards being offered, but all credits must be used for future Click-N-Ship purchases, the USPS said.

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