Postal Updates

Isle of Man simplifies, raises some postage rates

Apr 4, 2014, 2 AM

With the introduction of new postage rates effective March 31, the Isle of Man Post Office consolidated the standard rate for domestic mail and for mail to the United Kingdom.

Previously, the rate for standard domestic letters weighing up to 100 grams sent domestically was 40 pence, and the rate for the same to the United Kingdom was 42p. Now, both will be 42p.

The post office also simplified its rates for parcels. According to a March 13 press release, weights will go up to a maximum 5 kilograms in 1 kilogram increments, and the price for 1 kilogram is £3.

Among the increases, the new rate for large letters up to 100 grams is 90p, special delivery is £4.71 for Isle of Man and £6.40 for United Kingdom, and international letters start at 75p for mail to Europe and £1.21 for the rest of the world.

In announcing the new rates, Geoff Corkish, chairman of Isle of Man Post Office said: “ … Contributory factors to the price changes include a number of increases to postage and ancillary services as a result of changing commercial agreements with Royal Mail, the need to simplify our tariffs for customers and the continual decline of mail volumes.”

He added, “The Isle of Man Post Office is an innovative and forward thinking organisation and for the last five years posted volumes have been declining at around 4 percent per annum, due to this situation we are trying to stop this decline by identifying and expanding into new areas of business to ensure the Post Office sustains itself over the long term and continues to provide customers with the most competitive prices it is able to.”