Postal Updates

Swiss Post making stamps, products more visible to public

Apr 18, 2014, 3 AM

Swiss Post reports that it is attempting to strengthen philatelic sales by showcasing more of its products at large post offices.

Starting in January, display stands with an expanded range of philatelic products were placed in 80 of the country’s largest post offices, according to a press release from Swiss Post, printed in the second quarter 2014 issue of Focus on Philately.

The display stands are scheduled to be updated quarterly as new stamps are issued.

Swiss Post said, “The aim is to make philately more visible to nonphilatelists.”

In another press release dated March 13, Swiss Post reported that it “achieved a solid result in the first year following its conversion to a public limited company.”

Prior to June 26, 2013, Swiss Post was converted from a public institution to a public limited company, Swiss Post Ltd., with the Swiss Confederation remaining as the full owner, but in a new role as shareholder.

Swiss Post reported that its profits were down 19 percent from the previous year, 626 million francs compared to 772 million francs, due to its “being fully subject to taxation for the first time as result of the conversion to its new legal structure.”

Normalized operating profit rose to 911 million francs compared to 860 francs the previous year.