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Circus posters press sheet without die cuts sold out

Aug 6, 2014, 10 AM

The Vintage Circus Posters press sheet without die cuts, consisting of six panes of 16, sold out in late July.

The press sheet without die cuts for the eight United States Vintage Circus Posters forever stamps has sold out.

U.S. Postal Service spokesman Roy Betts told Linn’s that the press sheet was removed from sale July 29.

The stamps were issued May 5 in sheets of 16.

The variety of the Vintage Circus Posters press sheet manufactured with die cuts remains available from the Postal Service.

Both types of press sheets, with die cuts and without die cuts, were produced in a quantity of 2,500 for the Vintage Circus Poster issue. The press sheets comprise six panes of stamps at a face value of $47.04.

Press sheets and sheet varieties without die cuts are not assigned separate Scott catalog major numbers by the Scott editors. Instead, they are mentioned and valued in the Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps and Covers in a footnote following the issue listing.