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Great Sand Dunes National Park on two Sept. 4 postmarks

Aug 28, 2014, 11 AM

Two Sept. 4 pictorial postmarks from Colorado celebrate the release of a new quarter in the America the Beautiful quarter-dollar coin program. The other postmark shows part of the design of the new coin.

Two postmarks mark the launch of a new United States quarter-dollar coin on Sept. 4. The coin from the U.S. Mint commemorates Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado.

The coin is the 24th of 56 new America the Beautiful quarters that will be released through 2020 at the rate of five per year, with six coins released in the final year.

The coins depict different national sites. This latest issue shows a father and son sitting next to a creek, playing in the sand. Mount Herard is seen in the background.

A launch ceremony by the U.S. Mint is scheduled for Sept. 4 in the parking lot of the national park in Mosca, Colo. The postmark design depicting a park scene, trees and the American flag is pictured here. The second postmark features part of the coin design.

To obtain these postmarks, include a note specifying which postmark is being requested and send requests to the following address:

GREAT SAND DUNES NATIONAL PARK Station, Postmaster, 9260 Fourth Ave., Mosca, CO 81146-9998, Sept. 4. (Two different postmarks as described above.)

Instructions for requesting postmarks

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