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U.S. Postal Service limit on press sheet ordering lifted

Feb 17, 2014, 3 AM

The United States 21¢ Abraham Lincoln press sheet without die cuts was issued Feb. 12, Lincoln’s birthday.

The limit on how many press sheets collectors can purchase from the United States Postal Service has been lifted.

Linn’s learned of the change from a Postal Service source, though official confirmation was not received as of Feb. 13.

Customers previously could purchase no more than five of any specific press sheet. The limit was noted on the USPS website and in the USA Philatelic product catalog.

Linn’s noticed the change on the USPS website in early February.

Pictured here is the 21¢ Abraham Lincoln press sheet without die cuts that was placed on sale Feb. 12.

According to the USPS Postal Bulletin announcement for the new Lincoln stamp, 1,000 press sheets were produced of each version (with and without the die cuts that normally separate individual stamps).

The typical production quantity for recent press sheets has been 2,500 of each type.

For some, the quantity produced has been as few as 500, while for others, it has been as many as 3,000.

The Postal Service began selling a few of its new commemorative stamps as uncut press sheets in 1994.