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Flag APC design reuses 2008 stamp image

Mar 31, 2014, 2 AM

A new American Flag design will be available beginning April 1 on computer-vended postage at selected self-service kiosks in larger U.S. post offices.

A familiar design from a recent United States Flag stamp is about to return in a new format.

Starting April 1, computer-vended postage labels with the flag vignette will be available at selected larger post offices nationwide.

The labels will be vended through some of the Postal Service’s self-service kiosks, also known as Automatic Postal Centers (APCs).

It is expected that this Flag postage label will be offered at post offices that have the type of APC kiosk that is not equipped to vend ATM panes of 18 postage stamps.

As reported in the April 14 Linn’s, selected other kiosks that offer the ATM panes will also begin vending Amazing Spider-Man 2 postage labels the same day.

A rough preliminary image of the new Flag computer-vended postage design is shown nearby.

The color postage label illustration features a modified design that closely resembles one stamp from the 2008 American Flag set of four that depicts the flag at dusk (Scott 4228-4247).

The American Flag stamps in the 2008 set were illustrated by Laura Stutzman.

All of the black text on the new computer vended postage label, including the denomination, is printed on demand by the kiosk when the customer makes the purchase.

Customers can purchase a minimum of three forever postage labels from the vending machine.