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Postal Service corrects quantity of Lincoln press sheets produced

Mar 7, 2014, 7 AM

The United States 21¢ Abraham Lincoln press sheet without die cuts was issued Feb. 12. A total of 2,500 were produced.

United States Postal Service officials have revised the number of press sheets created for the 21¢ Abraham Lincoln stamp issued Feb. 12.

An announcement in the Jan. 23 Postal Bulletin erroneously reported that 1,000 press sheets with the die cuts that separate individual stamps and 1,000 press sheets without die cuts were created.

These quantities were reported in Linn’s issue of Feb. 24.

However, the total number produced for each variety is actually 2,500, not 1,000, Postal Service officials confirmed to Linn’s.

Each version of the Lincoln press sheet consists of three unsevered panes of 20 stamps and sells for $12.60.

The version without die cuts, pictured here, has not sold out, according to the Postal Service.

“There was an error on the production quantity in the Postal Bulletin and a correction is being made in an upcoming bulletin,” stated a Postal Service source. “We produced 2,500 of each.”

Shipping delays also have taken place with the Lincoln sheets. Collectors who inquired about their orders have informed Linn’s that they were told by the Postal Service that there was a delay.

The typical production quantity for recent U.S. press sheets has been 2,500 of each type, but the quantity produced has been as few as 500 for the 2013 Eid forever stamp and the 2014 $19.99 USS Arizona Memorial stamp, and as many as 3,000 for the $2 Jenny Invert stamp pane.

Press sheets for the 2013 Hanukkah and Kwanzaa stamps and the 2014 70¢ Alfred C. “Chief” Anderson stamp were created in quantities of 1,000 for each of the two die-cut varieties.