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Spider-Man vended postage unveiled; April 1 release date

Mar 27, 2014, 9 AM

This Spider-Man 2 computer-vended postage will debut April 1 at selected self-service kiosks in larger U.S. post offices. Shown here is a voided example of the actual label.

The design for a computer-vended postage label featuring Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man was recently unveiled. It will be available at selected larger United States post offices starting April 1.

The labels will be vended through some of the Postal Service’s self-service kiosks, also known as Automatic Postal Centers (APCs). A list of those offices is available at

The label is being released in partnership with the feature film The Amazing-Spider Man 2, which debuts in theaters May 2.

A voided test example of the label is pictured nearby.

Only locations with self-service kiosks that vend labels and ATM panes of 18 stamps will be the ones with the Spider-Man labels. This allows for customers to choose the stamp they want instead of having the Spider-Man postage label as the only option.

Other locations that only vend postage labels will not have the new Spider-Man labels and will have instead a new American Flag preprinted design that has not yet been unveiled.