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New U.N. definitive stamps to feature abstract designs

May 21, 2014, 2 AM

New definitive stamps from the United Nations Postal Administration will feature abstract images of U.N. headquarters buildings in New York City, Geneva, Switzerland; and Vienna, Austria; and various icons associated with these three headquarters. The

The United Nations Postal Administration will issue six definitive stamps June 6, two each for the U.N. post offices at U.N. buildings in the United States, Switzerland and Austria.

UNPA describes the designs as “abstractions of architectural and iconic details” of these buildings. UNPA art director Sergio Baradat created the designs.

The designs of the 33¢ and $2 U.N./New York stamps represent the U.N. Secretariat and General Assembly in New York City.

Among the items pictured are a replica of a Greek statue and a model of Sputnik 1, the first artificial Earth satellite.

The Sputnik 1 model was a gift from the Soviet Union in 1959, and Greece presented the statue replica to the United Nations in 1953.

The original bronze statue, believed to be from around 460 B.C., was excavated from a shipwreck in 1928 and now stands in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. The statue is thought to represent either Poseidon or Zeus.

The Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, is featured on the 2.20-franc and 2.60fr U.N./Geneva stamps.

A symbolic peacock is featured on the latter stamp.

The Palais des Nations is in Ariana Park, which is known for its peacocks. When the park was bequeathed to the city of Geneva, one provision was that peacocks be allowed to roam freely on the grounds.

Today, the park’s peacocks, which include birds donated from a zoo in Japan and from India, are fed and cared for by the park’s gardeners.

The distinctive shapes of buildings at the Vienna International Center are represented on the €0.70 and €1.70 U.N./Vienna stamps.

On the former stamp, a peace dove can be seen flying in between two of the Y-shaped office towers.

Lowe-Martin Group of Canada printed the stamps by offset in sheets of 20 with four marginal inscriptions featuring the U.N. emblem.

The initial print quantities are 140,000 each of the U.N./New York stamps; 116,000 each of the U.N./Vienna stamps; and 106,000 each of the U.N./Geneva stamps.

Each stamp measures 30 millimeters by 40mm and is perforated gauge 13.3.

The stamp illustrations shown with this report are created from publicity images of the stamp designs. On the issued stamps, the artwork by Baradat will extend to the end of the perforations.

The website of the UNPA is Ordering information also is available by writing to UNPA, Box 5900, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10163-5900; telephone 800-234-8672; e-mail;or fax 212-963-9854.