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San Francisco offers city hall postmark for Harvey Milk stamp

May 23, 2014, 2 AM

May 28 San Francisco dedication event pictorial postmark for the new Harvey Milk forever stamp issued May 22.

During a May 22 White House ceremony, the United States Postal Service issued a Harvey Milk forever stamp to honor the gay rights activist and politician.

Milk was a Navy veteran and an openly gay San Francisco businessman when he was elected to the city’s board of supervisors in 1977. He and Mayor George Moscone were assassinated at San Francisco’s city hall the following year.

Six days after the Washington, D.C., first-day ceremony, the San Francisco post office scheduled a dedication event May 28 for the Milk stamp. The San Francisco event postmark features an outline of the state of California with the text “San Francisco, City Hall.”

To obtain this pictorial postmark, send requests to the following address:

HARVEY MILK SAN FRANCISCO CITY HALL Station, Box 7838, San Francisco, CA 94120-7838, May 28.

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