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Red, White and Blue coil second plate number found

Nov 24, 2014, 9 AM

Plate number C12 is newly reported on the United States nondenominated (49¢) Red, White and Blue coil stamp.

The United States nondenominated (49¢) Red, White and Blue forever coil stamp issue (Scott 4894-4897) has been found with a new plate number, C12. The four stamps showing stylized renditions of the American flag were issued April 25. The stamps are sold in coils of 10,000.

The original CCL Label printing was inscribed with plate number C11. Two ink colors were used to produce the stamp design.

U.S. Postal Service spokesman Mark Saunders told Linn’s, “The plate number was changed to assist in tracking a processing adjustment that was made between the first and second waves of production in September.”

He added, “There were no changes to paper, ink or die-cutting that would have resulted in a new variety or other special treatment.”

Jill Ambrose of Ohio discovered the new plate number and provided Linn’s with a scan of the stamp in mid-November.