Canadian back of the book and full panes offered in third Brigham auction Nov. 22

Oct 31, 2014, 7 AM

The only full pane of 50 of Canada’s 1876 8¢ dull blue registered letter stamp will be auctioned Nov. 22 in Brampton, Ontario, by Brigham Auctions in the third of a series of auctions of the Brigham collection.

The third installment of the ongoing series of auctions of the Brigham collection of Canada will take place Nov. 22 at the Brampton Golf Club, 7700 Kennedy Road, in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

The sale is offering back-of-the-book material from 1875 to 1978, and full panes of stamps from 1857 to 1957.

Among the back-of-the-book material, collectors will find single stamps, blocks and strips, imperforate multiples, errors and other varieties.

Many of the issues are represented by various proofs, including the 1898 10¢ special delivery proof in orange vermilion, die sunk on India on a full-sized card measuring 193 millimeters by 150mm.

The proof includes a full American Bank Note Co. Ottawa imprint, typewritten notes at top, and a handstamped “INDEX COPY” notation.

Referred to by the catalog as “the unique record copy from the index files, a genuine treasure and pristine show stopper,” the item is listed with an estimate (in Canadian dollars) of $3,000.

Other stamp categories featured in this sale include airmails, registered letter stamps, postage dues, official seals, Official stamps, federal revenues and war savings stamps.

The most complete collection in this sale comprises Canada’s war tax stamps, said Charles Verge, CEO of Brigham Auctions Ltd.

Verge told Linn’s Stamp News it is “one of the better war tax collections put together.”

A powerful group of full panes of issues representing a century of Canada’s stamps includes a full pane of 50 of the 1876 8¢ dull blue registered letter stamp (Scott F3).

Identifying it as “the only eight cent registered letter stamp sheet in existence,” the catalog description further describes it as being in pristine condition and ideally centered, with British American Bank Note Co. Montreal imprints at the middle of all four margins. Those margin edges have been trimmed slightly on all four sides.

The pane has full original gum, and while hinge remnants are found on two stamps at top, the pane is otherwise never hinged.

The individual single never-hinged 8¢ stamp is valued in the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue at US$1,500; the full pane is estimated in the auction catalog at $75,000 Canadian.

For the collector interested in completing a run of full panes of Canada’s registration stamps, this auction also offers examples of the 2¢ and 5¢ issues (Scott F1 and F2) in this format.

Verge explained that Brigham purchased many of the full panes years ago hoping to extend their existence as intact panes “for posterity.”

Verge pointed out that the auction also includes three lots of imperforate singles and multiples of the 8¢ registered letter stamp that go unmentioned in specialized catalogs.

The stamps — a single, a block of four and a block of eight — are printed on the same wove paper as the perforated stamps, and are each marked through with a pen stroke to be retained by the printer in their record files.

Additional details about the auction can be found at; or may be obtained by contacting Brigham Auctions Ltd., Suite 223, Plaza 2, 350 Rutherford Road. S. Brampton, ON L6W 4N6, Canada.

The first two Brigham collection auctions were held earlier this year, Feb. 22 and June 6-7.