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USPS sold out of 2014 Poinsettia, but retailers should have more

Oct 16, 2014, 12 PM

The 2014-date United States Poinsettia special forever stamp issued Aug. 21 sold out at the USPS fulfillment center Sept. 30.

The United States Postal Service has exhausted its supply of 2014-date Poinsettia stamps issued Aug. 21 in a convertible-booklet pane of 20. But collectors who haven’t added the new variety to their collection shouldn’t panic just yet.

“The 2014 Poinsettia was mainly produced for ABN [American Bank Note Co.],” Postal Service spokesman Mark Saunders told Linn’s.

According to the American Bank Note Co. website at, the firm manages the Stamps To Go program for the Postal Service.

The program is designed “to help responsible business establishments sell U.S. Postage Stamps to their customers,” according to the website.

Saunders was not able to provide Linn’s with the names of retailers supplied by ABN.

A Postal Service description of the program online notes: “There are over 62,000 retail locations that bring stamps closer to our customers’ fingertips. Grocery stores, convenience stores, and ATMs are just a few of the many places where customers can purchase stamps — with no additional surcharges.”

Saunders said that 60,000 booklets of the 2014-date Poinsettia variety were sent to the USPS Stamp Fulfillment Services mail-order division “for collectors.” That supply sold out as of Sept. 30.

The 2014-date variety was not distributed to post offices.

A total of 160 million 2014-date Poinsettia stamps, or 8 million booklets, were produced.

After subtracting out the amount sent to Stamp Fulfillment Services, that leaves 7.94 million booklets that should be distributed to other retailers for sale during the upcoming Christmas season.