US Stamps

Two stamps for Wilt Chamberlain

Sep 5, 2014, 7 AM

The upcoming Wilt Chamberlain commemorative issue will consist of two stamps, according to a Sept. 4 announcement by the United States Postal Service.

The USPS Postal Bulletin for that date includes a reference to the two stamp designs being issued in a pane of 20.

Stamp Services director Susan McGowan previously stated that the stamp issue will be extra-tall to honor an extra-tall athlete, the 7-foot 1-inch NBA basketball star.

Watch as U.S. Postal Service stamp services director Susan McGowan speaks about the upcoming 2014 Wilt Chamberlain stamp issue.

The stamps are scheduled to be issued in December during a home game of the Philadelphia 76ers, with whom Chamberlain won the NBA championship in 1967.

Published 9/5/2014 11:00 AM