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Canadian photographers honored in new stamp series: Morning Report

Apr 9, 2015, 7 AM

Linn's Stamp News gives you a quick look at what's going on in the world of stamp-collecting.

1. Canadian photographers recognized


We’re unveiling the artistic heritage of Canadian photography. Selected work from: Nina Raginsky, Sam Tata, Geoffrey...

Posted by Canada Post on Wednesday, April 8, 2015


2. Maya mistake

Think the misquote on the new Maya Angelou forever stamp is a mistake with no precedent?

Think again.

3. Born on April 9

"Charles Proteus Steinmetz, born 150 years ago on April 9, 1865, was a prominent industrial scientist who made huge advances in the understanding and development of electrical engineering, the alternating current and high voltage power."

See his stamp.

4. Yesterday's most-viewed post

Stamp phase-out for shippers?

5. Something social