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USPS talks to high school students about Maya Angelou: Morning Report

Apr 28, 2015, 5 AM

Students at Maya Angelou Public Charter Schools in Washington, D.C., discussed Angelou's poetry as part of a recent multimedia feature by USPS Stamps.

1. Talking about Maya

USPS Stamps put together a multimedia online piece featuring interviews of high school students at Maya Angelou Public Charter Schools in Washington, D.C., where according to USPS Stamps "students who may have struggled in traditional schools but are still striving to achieve their potential," talking about their school system's namesake and her poetry.

Listen to the students talk about "The Maya Way" here.

2. Familiar face

At the Westpex show in San Francisco April 24, former Linn's Stamp News editor-publisher Michael Laurence shared his decades of experience in a talk titled "Creating the Chronicle — Behind the scenes: How we got here, how it all gets done." 

3. More from Westpex

American Philatelic Society past president Wade Saadi said, "Our search for the new executive director is going well."

Full story here.

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5. Something social