Monday Morning Brief | New Discovery

Dec 21, 2015, 1 AM

Watch as Linn’s Stamp News managing editor Chad Snee discusses a new example of the 1865 1¢ Magic Letter Express Lock and Keys local stamp of Richmond, Va., uncovered by Robert Siegel Auction Galleries.

Full Video Transcript: 

Greetings fellow stamp enthusiasts! Welcome to the Monday Morning Brief for December 21.

New discoveries are waiting to be made, even in the less-traveled lanes of the philatelic highway.

Such was the case last week, when Linn’s associate editor Mike Baadke reported that Robert Siegel Auction Galleries in New York City had uncovered a “new example of the 1865 1¢ black Magic Letter Express Lock and Keys local stamp of Richmond, Va. The uncanceled stamp has a manuscript ‘2’ written over the printed ‘1.’ The letter ‘s’ is also written on the stamp, above the ‘T’ in the printed word ‘CENT.”

As can be seen here, the heretofore unreported Magic Letter local is a surcharged example of the 1¢ stamp, Scott number 101L1. The only other 1¢ Magic Letter local known to collectors exists on a cover, with a Scott value of $40,000. Although the Scott editors have not made a formal decision, it is likely that this 2¢-on-1¢ stamp will receive its own Scott catalog number.

Looking ahead, Linn’s first issue of 2016 brings Collecting Canada columnist Fred Baumann’s fascinating and, at one point, touching account of working dogs portrayed on the stamps of our neighbor to the north. Speaking of work, sometimes you don’t have to, when it comes to free stuff. Janet Klug, in her Stamp Collecting Basics column, points out some of the free philatelic benefits available to you.

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For Linn’s Stamp News and the Scott catalogs, I’m Chad Snee. Have a Merry Christmas and a joyful holiday season. Cheers!