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TBS celebrates Thank a Mailman Day with four Newman-heavy episodes of 'Seinfeld' [VIDEO]

Feb 4, 2015, 7 AM

Feb. 4 is Thank a Mailman Day, and TBS is appropriately celebrating one of TV's most notable postal workers. 

The network's schedule for Wednesday night features four Seinfeld episodes that have heavy doses of Newman, Jerry's portly and sometimes diabolical neighbor, played by actor Wayne Night

Here's how Channel Guide Magazine describes the four episodes:

6 p.m. ET  – “The Label Maker” – Newman and Kramer (Michael Richards) play an extended game of Risk; Jerry finds himself sitting next to Newman at the Super Bowl.

6:30 p.m. ET – “The Package” – Newman grills Jerry on suspicion of mail fraud, while George (Jason Alexander) is accused of creating a mail-order pornography ring.

7 p.m. ET – “The Andrea Doria” – Jerry helps deliver Newman’s mail in an effort to help him transfer to Hawaii.

7:30 p.m. ET – “The Junk Mail” – When Kramer tries unsuccessfully to stop his mail, Newman confesses there is a greater conspiracy at work involving the Postmaster General.

Not a Seinfeld regular? Here's an intro to Newman.

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