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UNPA issued Greetings from Vienna pane of 10 with labels

Feb 13, 2015, 5 AM

This Greetings from Vienna pane of 10 stamps and labels was issued Jan. 23. The stamp show scenes of the Vienna International Center. The labels can be personalized by visitors to the U.N. Postal Administration post office in Vienna.

The United Nations Postal Administration issued a Greetings from Vienna pane Jan. 23.

The pane includes 10 different €0.80 stamps for use from the UNPA post office at the Vienna International Center in Vienna, Austria. It also includes 10 labels that can be personalized by visitors to the UNPA/Vienna post office.

The photograph reproduced in the pane selvage shows flags of U.N. member nations, a sculpture, and buildings of the Vienna International Center.

The 10 stamps also feature photographs of the exterior of the complex. The complex’s Y-shaped office buildings of the center vary in height from about 160 feet to 390 feet.

In addition to showing buildings, these photos picture the U.N. flag, a fountain, a sailboat on the Danube River, The Scholars Pavilion by M. Golestani, and the Woman Free sculpture by Edwina Sandys.

A version of the pane with preprinted labels is shown here. One label depicts the U.N. emblem on the U.N. flag, and the other shows the emblem of a white background.

Rorie Katz of the United Nations designed the pane.

One of four official headquarters of the United Nations, the Vienna International Center opened Aug. 23, 1979. UNPA/Vienna stamps showing the center were issued the next day.

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The UNPA issued a pane of 10 stamps and 10 labels May 18, 2014, to commemorate the 35th anniversaries of the Vienna International Center and UNPA/Vienna.

Five of the stamps in that pane show photographs of the buildings at the Vienna International Center.

The other five stamps feature etchings by Austrian artist Kurt Regschek of the Vienna International Center.

The other three U.N. headquarters are in New York City; Geneva, Switzerland; and Nairobi, Kenya. The UNPA also issues stamps for U.N. post offices in the New York City and Geneva locations, including panes that can be personalized by visitors to those post office.

For ordering information for the Greetings from Vienna pane, visit the UNPA website; e-mail; telephone 800-234-8672; fax 212-963-9854; or write to UNPA, Box 5900, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10163-5900.

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