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Guyer of APS named ASDA executive director

Jan 30, 2015, 5 PM

Mark Reasoner, president of the American Stamp Dealers Association, announced Jan. 30 that Dana Guyer will become the next executive director of the ASDA.

Guyer is currently director of shows and exhibitions at the American Philatelic Society. She will assume her new position March 1.

Guyer is to replace Evan "Van" Siegling, who stepped down as ASDA interim executive director in December.

Guyer comes to the ASDA after a two-month search conducted by a committee headed by Reasoner and fellow ASDA members Richard Friedberg, Robert Prager and Jim Lee.

"Dana will remain with the APS through the APS Winter Show in Riverside, Calif., and after until she begins her responsibilities with the ASDA," Reasoner said. "She will work from her home."

Guyer is a resident of Centre Hall, Pa. Before being employed by the APS, she supervised catering operations for a large food service operation in State College, Pa.  Prior to that, she was customer service representative for a large State College printing and mailing service.

She graduated with honors in 1990 from the Art Institute of Philadelphia with a major in visual communications.

While at the APS her responsibilities included, among other tasks, executive management of the society's major stamp shows, liaison with the U.S. Postal Service, contracts negotiation, budget management, and management of a broad range of volunteer groups who help operate the society's events.  

The hiring of Guyer is the result of a concentrated executive search by the ASDA personnel committee chaired by ASDA president Reasoner. The search began in fall 2014, when Van Siegling was the interim executive director.

"Dana's broad familiarity with America's stamp dealer community and her hands-on experience managing the APS's major shows make her particularly suited to oversee the operations of the ASD," said Reasoner. "One of her APS responsibilities has been running APS Stampshow each August for the past 10 years. It's the largest annual stamp show in the United States."

The hiring of Guyer follows the service of Amy Nicklaus as ASDA executive director for 15 months in 2013-14, which followed the 36-year tenure of Joseph Savarese as head of the organization's operations. Van Siegling served in an interim capacity from April 1 to December 15, 2014.

"Our board, our members and I are delighted to welcome Dana — especially at a time when the philatelic community is preparing for the huge World Stamp Show — NY2016 international exhibition in 2016. With the wide range of plans the ASDA has for enhancing our member services and national and regional shows, she is a particularly good fit for this time in our history," said Reasoner.

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