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U.S. 1912 2¢ Washington booklet pane worth full Scott catalog value

Jul 9, 2015, 6 AM

By Henry Gitner and Rick Miller

United States — As a convenience to their patrons, many postal authorities have issued stamps in booklet format.

Booklets usually comprise one or more small panes of stamps between cardboard or stiff paper covers, sometimes with interleaving between the panes if there is more than one pane in the booklet.

Booklet stamps usually have straight edges around the outside edges of the pane. They can be collected either as complete booklets or as individual panes from the booklets.

The United States issued its first stamps in booklet format in panes of six from 1900 and 1903, using the then-current 2¢ red George Washington stamp.

Early U.S. booklet panes in the grade of very fine and in mint never-hinged condition are very elusive.

We like the 1912 2¢ carmine George Washington booklet pane of six (Scott 406a). The 2015 Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps and Covers values the pane in mint never-hinged condition at $110, and it is easily worth full catalog value.

To be in the grade of very fine, the stamps in this pane must have some margin around the straight edges as well as being well centered within the perforation rows. If the perforations are close to the design even in one row of perforations, the pane is not in the grade of very fine, and is therefore not worth full Scott catalog value.

Tip of the week

Great Britain — Error stamps can be eye-catching, and they usually attract the attention of even casual collectors. A specialized collection featuring more than a few error stamps is probably beyond the reach of most collectors. But even for those who aren’t specialists, finding a few error for your collection adds spice and interest.

Soccer (known in Europe and elsewhere as football) is a popular topic within the broader sports topical theme. In 1966, Great Britain issued a set of three World Cup Soccer stamps (Scott 458-460).

The 6-penny stamp exists as a black-color-omitted error (459a). The 2015 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue values the error stamp in mint never-hinged condition at $200, and it is a good buy at that price.

This is a pretty spectacular, yet moderately priced, error stamp in a popular theme. It would make a nice addition to your collection.