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APS 2019 summer show discussion at board meeting, but no decision made

Jun 11, 2015, 5 PM

By Michael Baadke

During a meeting held by telephone Wednesday evening, June 10, the American Philatelic Society’s board of directors postponed a decision about where the 2019 APS Stampshow will take place.

Much of the discussion centered on a proposal that Omaha, Neb., be considered as the site for the society’s annual summer stamp show and exhibition.

Some board members expressed concerns, based in part upon a recent APS dealer survey, about whether Omaha would be a strong location to draw enough dealers and collectors to attend the show and make it successful.

Other cities, including Chicago and Pittsburgh, are also under consideration.

Board members were divided about postponing a motion by director-at-large Nick Lombardi for a yes-or-no vote on selecting Omaha as the 2019 summer show location. APS past president Wade Saadi put forth a motion to postpone the vote on Lombardi’s motion until the board meets at the 2015 APS Stampshow in Grand Rapids, Mich.

With nine voting members present, the vote was five in favor of postponing the vote, and four against.

The matter will be taken up again in Grand Rapids in August.

Saadi indicated that he expects a new APS executive director “should be on board by then,” and therefore could be included in further discussions about the 2019 summer show.

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In January 2014, the APS board voted to replace Ken Martin as the society’s executive director.

Martin, who has served as executive director since 2009, when he was appointed interim director, was offered the position of APS chief operating officer.

The APS board has not yet announced any hiring of a new executive director.

Some discussion by the board included considering Omaha as the site for the 2019 APS winter show, Ameristamp Expo, if the city is not selected for the summer show.

APS president Stephen Reinhard noted that the date of the winter show could be scheduled in the spring in an effort to avoid potentially challenging weather conditions in Omaha.

During the Wednesday meeting, the board also approved the Institute for Analytical Philately as an APS affiliate, briefly discussed concerns about unexpected costs associated with APS use of the Riverside Convention Center during the 2015 Ameristamp Expo, and considered options for a grant request to be made to the David T. Beals Foundation. The foundation has previously provided funds for the digitization of American Philatelic Research Library materials and other projects.

The board is next scheduled to meet at the 2015 APS Stampshow in Grand Rapids, Mich., which is taking place Aug. 20-23 at the DeVos Place Convention Center, 303 Monroe Ave. N.W.

Information about the American Philatelic Society is available at its website.