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Stamp Identifier: North Ingermanland

Mar 20, 2015, 9 AM

March 1920 Arms set of seven: Fourteen stamps were created in 1920 for North Ingermanland (Ingria), a small Russian territory between Lake Ladoga and the Gulf of Finland, when rebels with Finnish bonds seeking to be incorporated with Finland gained control of the region. The 14 stamps are all inscribed Pohjois Inkeri, the Finnish name for North Ingermanland, and denominated in Finnish currency. The first set of seven lithographed stamps was issued March 21, 1920.

August 1920 Arms and Rural Scenes set of seven: The frames of the first stamps match the first issues of independent Finland, but the vignette shows the coat of arms for Ingria. A second set of larger bicolor lithographed stamps issued Aug. 10, 1920, shows scenes depicting the people, culture and history of Ingria. Unfortunately, these later stamps were extensively counterfeited. The 1920 Treaty of Tartu revised the Finnish border and placed North Ingermanland within Soviet Russia.