US Stamps gets fresh new look

May 29, 2015, 5 AM

By Donna Houseman

Amos Media Company, the parent company of Linn’s Stamp News and the Scott postage stamp catalogs, launched the much-anticipated redesign of the week of May 24.

The new is much more than the digital home of Linn’s Stamp News and the Scott catalogs. The website is designed to evolve into the central place where stamp collectors and dealers exchange information and share their passion for stamp collecting.
During the past year, has grown by more than 70 percent in website traffic and users. Its success provided us more reassurance that our potential to bring an even larger audience to the stamp community is beyond our previous expectations.
The new has a contemporary user-friendly look and feel that provides its content according to the device it is being consumed on, whether that device be a desktop computer, an iPad, an iPhone or an Android product.
You can decide how you prefer to read stamp insights, and the website will conform to your preferred device.

The new website’s platform required a significant investment by Amos Media so that Linn’s and Scott editors — and our well-respected contributors — will be able to create and immediately post the most important stamp news and content.

This means will quickly establish itself as the place for all stamp collecting news. This, paired with Amos Media’s investments in a market- leading eNewsletter platform, will provide a consistent and timely flow of stamp news to users.

Many articles that will eventually appear in print will originate on this website. You the collector can participate in the development of stories, provide your own insights and have a voice in what is eventually published in print. All of these insights will be sharable on social media sites and are designed to bring the excitement of stamp collecting to an even larger audience.

In the coming weeks, check out leading market voices as rolls out its new blogging platform. Bloggers will make observations about stamps and stamp collecting, share insights and will begin a dialogue with visitors, who will have the opportunity to respond and share their own views.

And collectors who are familiar with the old will continue to find the same helpful information found on the previous website, including stamp collecting basics; United States, Canada and United Nations stamp programs; Scott catalog new-issue listings by topic; and other longtime favorites.

The newly launched website is just the first step in what will become the central portal for information for stamp collectors around the world. Regular updates, combined with our readers’ interaction, will ensure that the website continues to grow in value and importance. also is the log-in page for subscribers to the digital edition of the print Linn’s Stamp News.

And stamp news updates aren’t limited to Please connect with Linn’s and Scott via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social-media websites as we continue to focus on delivering the best stamp content to the platform of your choice.

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