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Moon global forever stamp to be issued Feb. 22 in panes of 10

Feb 12, 2016, 4 AM
The United States nondenominated ($1.20) Moon global forever stamp for international mail will be issued Feb. 22 in panes of 10.

By Michael Baadke

The United States Postal Service revealed on Feb. 12 that it will issue a nondenominated ($1.20) Moon global forever stamp Feb. 22. The stamp is formatted in self-adhesive panes of 10.

Although the news was revealed just 10 days before the announced issue date, there has been no official confirmation about whether or not there will be a first-day ceremony.

The stamp is the fifth in a series of round global forever stamps issued by the U.S. Postal Service. 

The first, picturing Earth, was issued Jan. 28, 2013 (Scott 4740). Later stamps showed a Christmas wreath in 2013 (4814), Earth with sea surface temperatures highlighted in 2014 (4893), and a wreath of silver bells in 2014 (4936). 

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