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Should Canada drop Queen Elizabeth from its stamps?: Linns Buzz

Feb 3, 2016, 12 PM
Canada’s Republic Now is urging the Royal Canadian Mint and Canada Post to replace the Queen of England's depiction with that of a native Canadian.

By Colin Sallee

1. Should Canada dump Queen Elizabeth?

The Toronto Sun is reporting that a group called Canada’s Republic Now is insisting that the Royal Canadian Mint and Canada Post remove Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch in modern history, from the country's stamps and coins.

“When portraits are chosen for everyday Canadian stamps, those of historic Canadians should be used,” Wayne Adam, of Republic Now, was quoted as saying in January.

According to the Toronto Sun, there are currently 76 items of Canadian postage depicting the Queen of England, who is indeed Canada's head of state.

2. The experts of what?

“It isn’t often I get a belly laugh out of a letter from a reader, let alone one on the subject of expertizing. But John Burns from Stevensville, Mich., did it with the following missive.”

Read about what got John Hotchner chuckling.

3. It's an emergency

Domestic letter rates increased substantially in Australia last month, and to offset the resulting stamp shortage, one Australian state printed its own stamps.

These “emergency” stamps have become a hot item on eBay. See how much they're going for.

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