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Yorba Linda postmark commemorates Richard Nixon, marks $1 coin release

Feb 11, 2016, 8 AM
A pictorial postmark from Yorba Linda, Calif., commemorates President Richard Nixon with a design showing the obverse of the $1 Nixon coin.

By Michael Baadke

A March 1 postmark from Yorba Linda, Calif., commemorates Richard Nixon, the 37th president of the United States.

The Richard Nixon postmark is being offered almost one month after the release of the Richard Nixon $1 coin, which was issued by the U.S. Mint on Feb. 3.

For previous dollar coins in the Presidential series, the Mint has been offering commemorative covers postmarked with a similar pictorial cancel and holding two examples of the new coin. The postmark date has been described by the Mint in those examples as identifying the date of issue for the commemorative cover.

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Part of the postmark design is styled after the obverse of the new coin, which shows the former president in profile facing left. Along the bottom edge of the design are the words “In God we trust,” and “37th president 1969-1974.”

Nixon was born in Yorba Linda on Jan. 9, 1913. He died April 22, 1994, and was commemorated on a 32¢ stamp issued April 26, 1995 (Scott 2955).

To obtain the Richard Nixon postmark, address your requests to:

YORBA LINDA Station, Postmaster, 4770 Eureka Ave., Yorba Linda, CA 92885-9998, March 1.

The following postmarks are also available:

CITY HALL Station, Postmaster, 21 Kilmer Road, Edison, NJ 08899-9998, Feb. 23. (Text-only postmark, “Celebrating Black History Month, Richard Allen State Dedication.”)

TEXPEX 2016 Station, Postmaster, 1251 William D Tate Ave., Grapevine, TX 76051-9998, Feb. 26-28. (Bison, cattle, barbed wire segment, “Buffalo, Beef and Barbed Wire.”)

TOLEDO STAMP EXPO ‘16 Station, Postmaster, 6923 Angola Road, Holland, OH 43528-9998, Feb. 27-28. (1950s automobile, “100 Years in Toledo, 1916-2016.”)

The following postmarks received a 30-day extension.

LOVE Station, Postmaster, 292 Highway 31, Romance, AR 72136-9998, Feb. 1-14. (Heart shaped out of swirling design elements, two arrows, “Sending Love from Romance.”)

YEAR OF THE MONKEY Station, Postmaster, 245 W. Garvey Ave., Monterey Park, CA 91754-9998, Feb. 5. (Monkey resembling Clarence Lee’s cut-paper design, “Celebrating Lunar New Year.”)

VALENTINE Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Hartville, WY 82215-9998, Feb. 7-21. (Horse-drawn coach on street near post office, “Hartville Love Coach” on sign, streetlamp, mountains, distant birds.)

VALENTINE Station, Postmaster, 152 Hawkins St., Loving, TX 76460-9998, Feb. 13. (Ten hearts floating out of open envelope with flap up, seen from reverse.)



Requesting pictorial postmarks is easy and fun. Share information by writing to Postmark Pursuit, Box 4129, Sidney, OH 45365.