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A Charlie Brown Christmas, Paul Newman, Celebrate stamps receive Scott numbers

Jan 14, 2016, 8 PM
The Scott catalog editors assigned No. 5020 to the United States Paul Newman commemorative forever stamp Nov. 3. Other recently issued U.S. stamps to receive Scott numbers are the A Charlie Brown Christmas stamps and the Celebrate stamp with a "2015" year

The following Scott numbers have been assigned to recently issued United States stamps.

Scott Number               Description

5019                             (49c) Celebrate

5020                             (49c) Paul Newman

a.                                 Imperforate

5021                             (49c) Christmas – Charlie Brown Carrying Christmas Tree

5022                             (49c) Christmas – Charlie Brown, Pigpen and Dirty Snowman

5023                             (49c) Christmas – Snoopy, Lucy, Violet, Sally and Schroeder Skating

5024                             (49c) Christmas – Characters, Dog House and Christmas Tree

5025                             (49c) Christmas – Linus and Christmas Tree

5026                             (49c) Christmas – Charlie Brown Looking in Mailbox

5027                             (49c) Christmas – Charlie Brown and Linus Behind Brick Wall

5028                             (49c) Christmas – Charlie Brown, Linus and Christmas Tree

5029                             (49c) Christmas – Charlie Brown Screaming, Snoopy Decorating Dog House

5030                             (49c) Christmas – Charlie Brown Hanging Ornament on Christmas Tree

a.                                 Block of 10, #5021-5030

b.                                 Convertible booklet pane of 20, 2 each #5021-5030

c.                                 As “a,” imperforate

d.                                 As “b,” imperforate


All of the numbers appear in the Scott New Listings Update section of the Nov. 16, 2015, Linn’s Stamp News. For further information contact Martin J. Frankevicz.