Monday Morning Brief | Ameristamp Expo

Jan 11, 2016, 3 AM

Watch as Linn’s Stamp News associate editor Michael Baadke takes a sneak peek at the Ameristamp Expo stamp show to take place Jan. 29-31 in Atlanta, Ga.

Full Video Transcript: 

Welcome to the Monday Morning Brief for January 11, 2016.

The American Philatelic Society, which is known as the APS, is the largest stamp collecting organization in the United States.

Each year the APS sponsors two of the country’s biggest stamp shows and exhibitions — one in the winter, and the other in the summer.

The APS Winter Show, which is called Ameristamp Expo, will take place in just a few weeks at the Hilton Atlanta on Courtland Street in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

The show dates are January 29, 30 and 31. Admission to the show is free.

If you’re interested in looking for stamps or postal history to add to your collection, a show like this presents a great opportunity for you. There are literally dozens of stamp dealers attending from all over the United States and a few from Europe who will have their material on hand for you to look over.

This show will also have a substantial exhibition area showing a wide range of specialized collections. There will be a show competition of larger exhibits set up in multiple display frames, and there will also be a separate competition from some of the top single-frame exhibitors over the past year.

You’ll also have a chance to see one of the 1918 24¢ Inverted Jenny error stamps on display, as well as the original 4¢ Dag Hammarskjold invert error pane that was discovered in 1962. These are rare items that belong to the APS and are featured in the stamp show’s court of honor display.

At 11 a.m. on Jan. 29 the United States Postal Service will conduct a first-day ceremony for the new Botanical Art forever stamps that are being issued in panes of 10 and 20.

The United States Postal Service will have a booth at the show selling these new Flower stamps and many others.

That’s probably enough stamp activity for anyone to enjoy, but there are also experts who will evaluate a collection if you’re not sure what you have, mentors who will help you learn more about the stamp hobby, lectures and seminars, and much more.

For full details about the Ameristamp Expo you can visit the APS website at The APS summer show is taking place in Oregon in early August, and you can find out more about that show on the APS website as well.

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For Linn’s Stamp News and the Scott catalogs, I’m Michael Baadke.