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Linn’s seeking columnist to write about Asia stamps, postal history: Editor’s Insights

Jun 24, 2016, 11 AM
Linn’s is looking for a columnist or writers who are knowledgeable about stamps and postal history of Asia.

By Donna Houseman

In the July 11 issue of Linn’s, Larry Rosenblum discusses what is known as Great Britain’s “rainbow trials.” These so-called “trials” were a series of experiments conducted by Rowland Hill to find a replacement for the Penny Black. The purpose of the trials was to find more suitable stamp colors and cancellation inks.

This is Rosenblum’s first Great Britain Philately column. Columnist David Alderfer is on hiatus. Rosenblum and Alderfer alternated writing the Great Britain column for Linn’s in the 1990s, and Rosenblum is returning temporarily as our Great Britain Philately columnist.

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Readers will recall that with the Feb. 15 Linn’s Stamp News monthly, we introduced a new Philately of France column, also written by Rosenblum.

The Philately of France column is published in Linn’s monthly magazine in even months. The Great Britain of Philately column will now be published in the second issue of Linn’s weekly edition in odd months.

On another note, we are searching for a new columnist, feature writer, or writers to write about Asia. Asia covers a broad expanse of the world and of philately, including China, Japan, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong and many other countries.

We are open to original articles on classic stamps, modern stamps, errors and varieties, postal history, cancels, postal stationery, and other philatelic topics. The philatelic object must be the focus of each article.

If you have a strong background in the stamps or postal history of any of these countries, enjoy research, and have a flair for writing, please send us examples of your writing for possible publication in Linn’s. If you know of specialists in these areas who might be eager to share their knowledge with others, please tell them about this column.

Submissions should be 1,000 to 1,200 words with three or four images. Images must be scanned at 100 percent at a resolution of 300 dpi or higher.

Linn’s also is open to receiving well-written, informative feature stories on other topics. Stories do not need to be lengthy. We accept features of 250 words or more with one or two images.

Articles submitted should be exclusive to Linn’s. Stories must be submitted by e-mail or other digital formats.

If you are interested in writing for Linn’s and would like a copy of Linn’s writers’ guidelines, please contact me at We can’t guarantee we will publish your article, but we will give it consideration.

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