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World Stamp Show-NY 2016 recapped, letter from Pearl Harbor sells: Week’s Most Read

Jun 10, 2016, 5 AM
Content from World Stamp Show-NY 2016 continued to be popular with readers this week, including the story about Keelin O’Neill of Northern Ireland, who found the Inverted Jenny from the McCoy block that had been missing for more than six decades

It’s time to catch up on the week that was in stamp-collecting insights and news.

Linn’s Stamp News is looking back at its five most-read stories of the week.

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5. Shirley Temple stamp gets a Scott catalog number: The 20th stamp in the Legends of Hollywood commemorative series from the United States Postal Service honored the famed child star.

4. Recovered Jenny Invert from McCoy block was found in Northern Ireland: “My grandfather gave me a bunch of stuff two months before he passed away,” the finder of the stamp said. “I wasn’t aware I actually had the stamp there.”

3. Letter from sailor killed at Pearl Harbor sells for $1,750: Slightly less than two months before that fateful morning, petty officer Porter Rich penned a loving, tender letter to his wife Margaret. It might be the last letter he wrote to her before his death.

2. World Stamp Show-NY 2016 comes to a close: Editor’s Insights: Editorial director Donna Houseman recaps the highlights of a busy week for the stamp-collecting hobby in New York City. 

1. Looking back at World Stamp Show-NY 2016: Associate editor Michael Baadke filmed the latest Monday Morning Brief from the Javits Center in New York City, the site of the first international stamp show in the United States in 10 years.

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