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There’s now a stamp-focused ‘This Day in History’ app

Mar 31, 2016, 6 AM
Want Mystic's This Day in History content right on your phone? There's now an app for that.

The following is a release from Mystic Stamp Company:

Mystic Stamp Company is bringing the fun of stamp collecting and history to mobile devices. “The This Day in History app is building on the success and popularity of our This Day in History emails,” Mystic president Donald Sundman said.

And best of all, it’s free.

“Starting in July 2015, we began sending daily This Day in History emails to subscribers,” Sundman said. “The emails give a preview of the day’s history topic and link to an article. The article connects the dots between stamps and history. And our readers love it. Thousands of people are reading every day. They really enjoy the stories. And they leave comments, too. It’s been great to connect with stamp collectors on this level. And readers can click on the images in the articles to learn even more about the stamps.”

Now Mystic is making This Day in History available for smartphones and tablets. To get this free app for your iOS or Android device, just go to the Apple App Store or Android’s Google Play Store and search for ‘Mystic’s - This Day in History’.”