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Using stamps as a promotional tool: U.S. Stamp Notes

May 19, 2016, 11 AM

By John M. Hotchner 

It is the wise business owner who uses all the tools available to promote his or her business; stamps can be such a tool.

I recently encountered examples of this in series of letters sent by the A.R. Meeker Co. of Springfield, N.J., to its regular and prospective customers in 1967.

The Meeker Co. was a provider of printing and copying services. It is no longer in existence, perhaps bought out by one of the chains we know today.

Once a month, a letter starting with a stamp issue would go out to the company’s regular customers. An example, dated June 15, 1967, is shown nearby.

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This letter begins, “The Battle of Yorktown stamp commemorated the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the surrender of Cornwallis.”

It continues, “The Yorktown stamp was first placed on sale October 19, 1931, at the post offices in Yorktown, Virginia and Wethersfield, Connecticut. The latter post office was included in the first day list for the reason that it was at that place that the plans for the Yorktown campaign were agreed to by General Washington and Count Rochambeau.

“If you want to fight the ‘cost per copy’ war, in your organization, we here at A.R. Meeker Company, are prepared to offer you the services of our duplicating /copy specialists … ”

The letter goes on to extol Meeker’s services.

There is also a P.S.: “I have come across a small supply of George Rogers Clark mint stamps. If you would like to have one to add to your collection please let me hear from you, and I will be happy to send you one.”

The cost to do this was minor, and I’ll bet the results were more than good. Meeker would have stood out from the competition. I can just hear the recipients saying: ”We need printing services … What about that company that sends the stamps?” 

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