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2016 U.S. stamps honoring several holidays now have Scott numbers

Nov 7, 2016, 11 AM
This Kwanzaa forever stamp issued on Oct. 1 is among the recent U.S. stamps to be given Scott numbers.

Another batch of new Scott numbers is in.

The editors of the Scott catalogs each month assign catalog numbers to new issues from the U.S. and postal services from around the world.

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All new Scott numbers detailed here are for U.S. stamps. New Scott numbers for worldwide stamps are given in the Scott New Listings Update in the expanded monthly issue of Linn's Stamp News.

This latest group of numbers includes those for the Jack-o’-lantern forever stamp that was issued on Oct. 5 as well as forever stamps honoring Kwanzaa and Diwali

What do these Scott numbers signify? In short, these stamps’ place in upcoming editions of the Scott catalogs.

Having these numbers handy will allow you to easily locate these stamps in the catalogs and learn about their production and values.

Enough explaining. Here is your November batch of new U.S. Scott numbers:

United States

5136: (68c) Eastern Tailed-Blue Butterfly

5137: (47c) Jack-o’-lantern with four teeth booklet stamp

5138: (47c) Jack-o’-lantern with five teeth booklet stamp

5139: (47c) Jack-o’-lantern with three teeth booklet stamp

5140: (47c) Jack-o’-lantern with nine teeth booklet stamp

a. Block of 4, #5137-5140

b. Convertible booklet pane of 20, 5 each #5137-5140

5141: (47c) Kwanzaa

5142: (47c) Diwali

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