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Liechtenstein honors trades and crafts on new stamps

Apr 12, 2017, 9 AM
Tools used by stonemasons, tailors and goldmiths are displayed on new stamps from Liechtenstein.

By Denise McCarty

Liechtenstein introduced a new series of stamps March 6 featuring trades and crafts.

One of the stamps in the set, the 2-franc denomination, is part of the 2017 Sepac series that also has a trades and crafts theme this year.

The inscription “sepac” appears at the bottom of this stamp, between the name of the designer, R. (Rene) Wolfinger, and the year date.

The Small European Postal Cooperation, or SEPAC, is a cooperation between 14 small postal administrations in Europe that issue stamps on common themes.

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In designing the Liechtenstein stamps, Rene Wolfinger used pictograms of tools to symbolize stonemasonry on the 1.30fr denomination, the work of tailors on the 1.80fr, and goldsmithery on the 2fr.

Among the tools shown are hammers, chisels, scissors, measuring tape, a thimble, a sewing machine, pliers, and a screw clamp.

Each design also includes a hand in the lower right. The hand on the 2fr Goldsmith stamp is wearing a ring.

While stonemasonry and goldsmithery date back to ancient times, the tailory profession originated around the 12th century.

Gutenberg AG of Schaan, Liechtenstein, printed the stamps by three-color offset in panes of 12.

The website for Liechtenstein’s online stamp store. The mailing address is Philatelie Liechtenstein, Zollstrasse 58, 9494 Schaan, Principality of Liechtenstein.