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Postmarks extend excitement of Aug. 21 total solar eclipse

Aug 27, 2017, 4 AM
Crete and Wilber, towns in Saline County, Neb., offer matching postmarks celebrating the Aug. 21 eclipse as the “Saline Solar Shadow.”

Postmark Pursuit — By Michael Baadke

The explosion of solar eclipse postmarks that began with last week’s listing continues this week.

We have one update to report for similar listings that appeared in the Sept. 4 Linn’s for Crete and Wilber, two towns in Saline County, Neb. Our original listing left out the important Aug. 21 date for Wilber Station.

Both locations will feature the postmark pictured here, with the phrase “Saline Solar Shadow” spelled with the eclipse “diamond ring” substituting for the “o” in “Solar.”

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Here is the updated information:

CRETE, NE Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Crete, NE 68333-9998, Aug. 19 and 21.

WILBER, NE Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Wilber, NE 68465-9998, Aug. 19 and 21.

If you’re looking for something other than eclipse postmarks, don’t despair; there are a few other subjects sprinkled among this week’s listings as well.

250th ANNIVERSARY Station, Postmaster, 767 U.S. Route 10, Lempster, NJ 03605-9998, Aug. 12. (Lempster meetinghouse, “Town of Lempster, Est. 1767.”)

ERIE COUNTY FAIR Station, Postmaster, 5501 Camp Road, Hamburg, NY 14075-9998, Aug. 13. (Ferris wheel, U.S. flag, “178th.”)

HERITAGE DAY Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, S. Thomaston, ME 0488-9998, Aug. 13. (Small schoolhouse with flag, “Little Red Schoolhouse, 200, Bicentennial.”)

PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME Station, Customer Relations Coordinator, 2200 Orange Ave., No. 234, Cleveland, OH 44101-9998, Aug. 13. (Football, “Americover.”)

NATIONAL RURAL LETTER CARRIERS’ ASSOCIATION Station, Stamp Fulfillment Services, Cancellation Services, 800 NE Underground Drive, Pillar 210, Kansas City, MO 64144-9998 Aug. 15. (“Service with a Smile, National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association, 1903,” horse pulling carriage.)

ALDEN POST OFFICE Station, Postmaster, 13127 Broadway, Alden, NY 14004-9998 Aug. 16. (“Alden Garden Club, 1991-2016,” watering can showing “25.”)

VERNON Station, Postmaster, 26101 Washington St., Vernon, CO 80755-9998, Aug.18. (Farm scene with barn, plowed field, car, “25th Olde Tyme Saturday, Take Me Home Country Roads, Celebrating 125 Years.”)

SESQUICENTENNIAL Station, Postmaster, 606 Oak St., Lathrop, MO 64465-9998, Aug. 18. (Horse head, horseshoe, ribbon, “1867-150-2017.”)

STATE FAIR POSTAL Station, Postmaster, 405 E. Fifth St., Sedalia, MO 65301-9998, Aug. 18. (Barn, rooster weather vane, farm windmill, Ferris wheel, “Missouri State Fair,” “Come Home.”)

PONY EXPRESS & NEVADA NORTHERN RAILWAY Station RPO 20, Postmaster, 2600 Bristlecone Ave., Ely, NV 89301-9998, Aug. 19. (Silhouette of Pony Express rider.)

MACHIAS WILD BLUEBERRY FESTIVAL Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Machias, ME 04654-9998, Aug. 19. (Blueberries on stem picked from bush.)

CARBONDALE, IL Station, Postmaster, 1301 E. Main St., Carbondale, IL 62901-9998, Aug. 21. (Dark disk of eclipse with diamond ring effect, “Carbondale eclipse.”)

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE Station, Postmaster, 709 Makanda Road, Makanda, IL 62958-9998, Aug. 21. (Eclipse with rays, “Totality for all, Peak eclipse duration.”)

BANNER CREEK SCIENCE Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Holton, KS 66436-9998, Aug. 21. (Eclipsed sun, stars, “Journey Into Darkness.”)

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE Station, Postmaster, 101 W. Ramsey St., Dawson Springs, KY 42408-9998, Aug. 21. (Kentucky outline map, seven phases of eclipse crossing Western Kentucky.)

EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, MO Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Excelsior Springs, MO 64024-9998, Aug. 21. (“Solar eclipse festival,” face observing eclipse.)

ECLIPSE Station, Postmaster, 606 Oak St., Lathrop, MO 64465-9998, Aug. 21. (Eclipse with horseshoe in center, “Total Solar Eclipse.”)

COLUMBIA, MO Station, Postmaster, 420 W. Jackson St., Mexico, MO 65265-9998, Aug. 21. (Four pillars, “Central MO PCC, Total Eclipse of the Sun.”)

SAINT JOSEPH CARRIER Station, Postmaster, 201 S. Eighth St., Saint Joseph, MO 64501-9998, Aug. 21. (Buildings, bridge, eclipse in dark sky, “Total Solar Eclipse, Right in the middle of it all.”)

SOLAR ECLIPSE Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Beatrice, NE 68310-9998, Aug. 21. (Eclipse and stars within large “0” of “2017.”)

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE Station, Postmaster, 1050 P St., Gering, NE 69341-9998, Aug. 21. (Eclipse over Scott’s Bluff, “Moon over the Monument.”)

HYANNIS, NE Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Hyannis, NE 69350-9998, Aug. 21. (“Total Eclipse in the Sandhills” with eclipse replacing “o” in “Total,” farm windmill.)

MULLEN, NE Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Mullen, NE 69152-9998, Aug. 21. (Phases of eclipse, farm windmill, farm animals, “Mullen Lions Club, Total Eclipse.”)

TOTALLY ECLIPSED Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Ravenna, NE 68869-9998, Aug. 21. (Text postmark with circular datestamp, dots indicating eclipse phases.)

OFFICIAL ECLIPSE Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Seward, NE 68434-9998, Aug. 21. (Text postmark, “Total Solar Eclipse” with shading behind “o” in “Solar.”)

STAPLETON Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Stapleton, NE 69163-9998, Aug. 21. (Outline map of Nebraska, “Total Solar Eclipse.”)

DARK SIDE Station, Postmaster, 768 SW Church St., Dallas, OR 97338-9998, Aug. 21. (Clock tower, buildings, eclipse, “Eclipse Celebration on the Square.”)

HUNTINGTON Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Huntington, OR 97907-9998, Aug. 21. (Eclipse, covered wagon with horse, “All trails lead thru Huntington, 2017 Eclipse, 1846 Oregon Trail, Oregon.”)

SOLAR ECLIPSE TOTALITY Station, Postmaster, 212 W. Main, Mitchell, OR 97750-9998, Aug. 21. (Eclipse, text in box.)

BIG ECLIPSE Station, Postmaster, 88 SW Second Ave., Ontario, OR 97914-9998, Aug. 21. (Three people wearing eye protection, dark sky and eclipse.)

SOLAR ECLIPSE 2017 HIGHWAY Station, Postmaster, 150 SW Main St., Prairie City, OR 97869-9998, Aug. 21. (Highway shield with “26,” “Solar Eclipse 2017.”)

SOLAR ECLIPSE Station, Postmaster, 1050 25th St. SE, Salem, OR 97301-5048, Aug. 21. (Earth with shadow falling from eclipse, “Arc of Totality.”)

SPRAY, OR Station, Postmaster, 701 Willow St., Spray, OR 97874-9998, Aug. 21. (Large eclipse, wolf.)

WARM SPRINGS, OR Station, Postmaster, 2128 Warm Springs St., Warm Springs, OR 97761-9998, Aug. 21. (Outline map of Oregon with star near center; mountain range; American Indian symbols including feathers, cross in circle, tipis; animal paw print; large sun in background; “Oregon Solarfest.”)

SCSM TOTAL ECLIPSE Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Columbia, SC 29223-9998, Aug. 21. (Text only, “Total Solar Eclipse.”)

GREAT SOLAR ECLIPSE Station, Postmaster, 202 S. White St., Athens, TN 37303-9998, Aug. 21. (Station name within eclipse illustration, several circles indicating eclipse stages, “Totality.”)

— Postmaster, 265 Front St., Spring City, TN 37381-9998, Aug. 21.

SWEETWATER ECLIPSE Station, Postmaster, 701 N. Main St., Sweetwater, TN 37874-9998, Aug. 21. (Circular datestamp within near-total eclipse, circles indicating eclipse stages.)

TOTALITY IN TELLICO Station, Postmaster, 171 Bank St., Tellico Plains, TN 37385-9998, Aug. 21. (Station name within black circle, “Total Solar Eclipse.”)

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE Station, Postmaster, 13884 US Highway 191, Bondurant, WY 82922-9800, Aug. 21. (Mountains, brilliant sun, “11:35:48AM, Lat.43°12’10”N, Long.110°24’36”W.”)

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE Station, Postmaster, 411 N. Forest Drive, Casper, WY 82609-9998, Aug. 21. (Circular datestamp, “Totality 11:42:39 am MDT, Latitude 42°50’23” N, Longitude 106°19’25” W, Duration of Totality 2 min 26 sec.”)

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Douglas, WY 82633-9998, Aug. 21. (Circular datestamp, “Totality 11:44:25 am MDT, Latitude 42°45’35” N, Longitude 105°22’56” W, Duration of Totality 2 min 22 sec.”)

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Fort Washakie, WY 82514-9998, Aug. 21. (Circular datestamp, “Totality 11:38:19 am MDT, Latitude 43°00’23” N, Longitude 108°53’03” W, Duration of Totality 1 min 55 sec.”)

GLENDO TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Glendo, WY 82213-9998, Aug. 21. (United States outline map with “Glendo,” eclipse symbols on path of totality.)

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE Station, Postmaster, Box 9990, Glenrock, WY 82637-9990, Aug. 21. (Circular datestamp, “Totality 11:43:30 am MDT, Latitude 43°51’41” N, Longitude 102°52’20” W, Duration of Totality 2 min 22 sec.”)

JAY EM, WY TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Jay Em, WY 82219-9998, Aug. 21. (Circular datestamp in center of path flanked by four eclipse symbols, small star, “42.4614° N, 104.3697° W.”)

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Lander, WY 82501-9998, Aug. 21. (Circular datestamp, “Totality 11:39 am MDT, Latitude 42.831566, Longitude 108.722799, Duration of Totality 1 min 7 sec.”)

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Lusk, WY 82225-9998, Aug. 21. (“Eclipse” spelled with partial eclipse as letter “c,” “11:46:22 AM, Lat. 42.7625°N, Long. 104.4522°W.”)

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE Station, Postmaster, 526 SW Wyoming Blvd., Mills, WY 82644-9990, Aug. 21. (Circular datestamp, “Totality 11:42:34 am MDT, Latitude 42°50’26” N, Longitude 106°21’57” W, Duration of Totality 2 min 26 sec.”)

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Powder River, WY 82648-9998, Aug. 21. (Circular datestamp, “Totality 11:41:27 am MDT, Latitude 43°01’55” N, Longitude 106°59’20” W, Duration of Totality 2 min 23 sec.”)

STATION OF THE TOTAL ECLIPSE, Postmaster, 501 E. Main St., Riverton, WY 82501-9998, Aug. 21. (Eclipsed sun, “Totality 11:39:03 am, Duration 2 min 13 sec. Latitude 43.0243N, Longitude 108.3845W.”)

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Shoshoni, WY 82649-9998, Aug. 21. (“Totality 11:39 am MDT, Latitude 43.234607, Longitude 108.108811, Duration of Totality 2 min 22 sec.”)

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE Station, Postmaster, 852 Walnut St., Wheatland, WY 82201-9998, Aug. 21. (Date in dark moon eclipsing sun, “Path of Totality.”)

STATE FAIR Station, Postmaster, 3720 Barrow St., Anchorage, AK 99599-9996, Aug. 24. (Person riding on cow, holding ribbon, “Better Together, Alaska State Fair.”)

HACIENDA LEALTAD Station, Stamps Office, 585 Ave. FD Roosevelt, Suite 223, San Juan, PR 00936-9681, Aug. 26. (“Phi Delta Gamma, 1942-2017, Celebrating 75 years, Fraternidad,” fraternity crest.)

The following cancels have been granted 30-day extensions.

LEONARD STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL Station, Postmaster, 22 E. Elmwood, Leonard, MI 48367-9998, July 15. (Outline map of Michigan, strawberry denoting location of Addison Township, ribbon with “65 years,” “Strawberry Festival,” “Addison Township Firefighters.”)

FLEET SCIENCE CENTER Station, Postmaster, 11251 Rancho Carmel Drive, San Diego, CA 92199-9996, Aug. 2. (Circle, “Solar Eclipse.”)

MISS MINNIE Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Cheyenne, OK 73628-9998, Aug. 3. (Open book, “Happy Birthday Minnie R. Slief,” “Wilhelmina Regina Slief, Aug. 3, 1890-July 15, 1963.”)

McKEAN Station, Postmaster, 8988 Main St., McKean, PA 16426-8900, Aug. 5. (Silo, “McKean Community Day.”)

STURGIS MOTORCYCLE RALLY Station, Postmaster, 820 Kinship Road, Sturgis, SD 57785-9998, Aug. 5-11. (Rally symbol with “77,”
The Legend Lives On, Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2017”; horizontal lines.)

PINK PALACE FAMILY OF MUSEUMS ECLIPSE OF THE SUN Station, Postmaster, 555 South B.B. King Blvd., Memphis, TN 38101-9998, Aug. 9. (Museum building.)

100th ANNIVERSARY Station, Retail Manager, 1001 California Ave., Room 2036, Pittsburgh, PA 15290-9681, Aug. 11-12. (Coal campus commissary, “1917-2017,” “Slickville, PA.”)

D-DAY Station, Postmaster, 268 State St., Conneaut, OH 44030-9998, Aug. 17-19. (Combat infantryman within circle.)

 The following cancel has been granted a 60-day extension.

60th ANNIVERSARY OF SERVICE Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Norway, MI 49870-9998, July 20. (Post office exterior with United States flag.) 

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