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U.S. revenue and fee stamps remain as popular as ever

Dec 27, 2017, 7 AM
The set of eight New York Custom House customs fee stamps (Scott RL1-RL8) is a good buy in used condition and very fine grade at $150 to $200.

Tip of the Week — By Henry Gitner and Rick Miller

Some collectors are attracted to revenue and fee stamps from the very beginning. Others become interested after they have gone as far as they can go with postage stamps. Regardless of when a given collector becomes interested, the market for United States revenue and fee stamps is one of the most active at present.

A revenue stamp shows payment of or exemption from payment of a tax. Fee stamps show payment of a fee for a service or privilege. In 1887, the New York Customs House issued eight Silas Wright customs fee stamps (Scott RL1-RL8).

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The stamps showed payment of miscellaneous customs fees. They were not valid for payment of customs duties. Use of the stamps was discontinued on Feb. 28, 1918. Silas Wright (1795-1847), the man depicted in the stamp design, served in the House of Representatives and the Senate and was the 14th governor of New York.

The 2018 Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps and Covers values the set of eight stamps in used condition at $236.25. A used set in the grade of very fine and without faults would be a good buy at $150 to $200.