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Royal Mail wants to know what you want to see on its future stamps

Feb 28, 2017, 4 PM
Royal Mail is asking the public for help selecting the subjects of its 2019 commemorative stamps. (Image courtesy of Royal Mail)

By Joe O’Donnell

What subjects have you always wanted to see on postage stamps?

Royal Mail is giving stamp collectors, and the wider public, the opportunity to weigh in on what should be on the United Kingdom's commemorative stamps in 2019. 

A ballot has been posted to the Royal Mail website that allows anyone to vote on up to 9 of 27 proposed stamp subjects for the 2019 Royal Mail Special Stamp program, from the 75th anniversary of D-Day, to the 50th anniversary of the movie The Italian Job, to notable British scientists.

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Stamp hobby enthusiasts might want to save a vote for our friends at the Royal Philatelic Society London, which will be celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2019.

View the ballot and cast your votes here.

What are all the stamp subjects on the Royal Mail 2019 ballot?

The potential stamp subjects on the ballot are divided into three groups: History & Transport; The Arts, Literature & Architecture; and Science, Sport & the Natural World. 

Here are the options for each group (all of which have a “None of the above” option):

History & Transport

— Concorde’s first test flight (50th anniversary)
— The Victorians, on bicentenary of births of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
— Harrier Jump Jet (50th anniversary of entering RAF service)
— D-Day (75th anniversary)
— Romans in Britain
— Bentley (centenary of the luxury car maker)
— Royal Philatelic Society (150th anniversary)
— Burlington Arcade, London (bicentenary of opening)
— Leonardo da Vinci (500th anniversary of death)

The Arts, Literature & Architecture

— The Italian Job movie (50th anniversary)
— Ballet, on Dame Margot Fonteyn centenary
— Monty Python’s Flying Circus (50th anniversary)
— Royal residencies of Sandringham and Balmoral
— Design Classics
— Fashion designer Alexander McQueen (50th anniversary)
— Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe (300th anniversary of publication)
— Cathedrals
— The novels of George Elliot (on her bicentenary)

Science, Sport & the Natural World

— Medical discoveries and innovations
— Trees (on centenary of the Forestry Commission)
— James Watt, engineer and manufacturer (bicentenary of death)
— The Cricket World Cup (hosted by England and Wales in 2019)
— Major UK engineering projects (eg Crossrail)
— Great British scientists
— Long distance footpaths in the UK
— Sea Mammals from around the UK
— Life on Earth (40th anniversary of David Attenborough’s TV series)

Voters can pick up to three topics in each category. At the end of the ballot, participants have the opportunity to suggest topic ideas not covered in the three categories above. 

What is the Royal Mail Special Stamp program?

Royal Mail’s Special Stamp program is the name given to its annual set of commemorative stamps. 

The program has been commemorating anniversaries and celebrated events relevant to UK heritage and life for more than 50 years.

The Special Stamp program is indeed a royal affair — Queen Elizabeth II approves every stamp design before it is issued.

What stamps are in the 2017 Royal Mail Special Stamp program?

We reported on a slew of Royal Mail’s 2017 commemorative stamps in January. 

The roster includes stamps honoring Ancient Britain, Windsor Castle, Racehorse Legends, and the 50th anniversary of the Machin definitive samp series.