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Delicioso booklet stamps among dozens to receive Scott catalog numbers

Jun 7, 2017, 5 AM
The six Delicioso booklet stamps issued April 20 are among dozens of recently issued United States and United Nations stamps that are now Scott official after receiving catalog numbers this month.

By Colin Sallee

Another batch of new Scott numbers is in.

The editors of the Scott catalogs each month assign catalog numbers to new issues from the U.S. and postal services from around the world.

The new Scott numbers detailed here are for U.S. and United Nations stamps. New Scott numbers for worldwide stamps are given in the Scott New Listings Update in the expanded monthly issue of Linn's Stamp News.

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Six United States stamps celebrating prepared dishes from south of the border and the Caribbean were issued April 20 in a double-sided booklet. The booklet is now Scott official, and each of the six stamps has been given its own catalog number.

Joining the Delicioso booklet stamps with its own Scott number is the Smurfs sheet from the United Nations, along with the U.N. International Dance sheet of six.

What do these Scott numbers signify? In short, these stamps’ place in upcoming editions of the Scott catalogs.

Having these numbers handy will allow you to easily locate these stamps in the catalogs and learn about their production and values.

Below is your June crop of new U.S. Scott numbers:

United States

5191                             (70c) Robert Panara

5192                             (49c) Delicioso booklet stamp – Tamales

5193                             (49c) Delicioso booklet stamp – Flan

5194                             (49c) Delicioso booklet stamp – Sancocho

5195                             (49c) Delicioso booklet stamp – Empanadas

5196                             (49c) Delicioso booklet stamp – Chile Relleno

5197                             (49c) Delicioso booklet stamp – Ceviche

a.                                 Block of 6, #5192-5197

b.                                 Convertible booklet pane of 20, 4 each #5192-5193, 3 each #4194-5197

5198                             ($1.15) Echeveria Plant

5199                             (49c) Boutonniere

5200                             (70c) Corsage

United Nations – New York

1149                             $1.15 United Nations Emblem with “2017” in purple + label

1150                             $1.15 Albania Flag

1151                             $1.15 Benin Flag

1152                             $1.15 Bulgaria Flag

1153                             $1.15 Comoros Flag

a.                                 Block of 4, #1150-1153

1154                             $1.15 Congo Republic Flag

1155                             $1.15 Ethiopia Flag

1156                             $1.15 Georgia Flag

1157                             $1.15 Iraq Flag

a.                                 Block of 4, #1154-1157

1158                             Smurfs sheet of 10 + 10 labels

a.                                 $1.15 Three Smurfs + label

b.                                 $1.15 Smurf holding glass of water + label

c.                                 $1.15 Smurf holding fruit + label

d.                                 $1.15 Smurf with backpack with solar panels + label

e.                                 $1.15 Smurf lifting dumbbell + label

f.                                  $1.15 Smurf carrying mallet + label

g.                                 $1.15 Smurf holding book + label

h.                                 $1.15 Two Smurfs with ladder + label

i.                                  $1.15 Male and female Smurfs + label

j.                                  $1.15 Butterfly + label

1159                             International Dance Sheet of 6 – Polynesian Dancers

a.                                 49c Woman with arms raised, denomination at LR

b.                                 49c Woman with arms raised, denomination at UL

c.                                 49c Two women wearing head coverings, red necklace, denomination at UR

d.                                 49c One woman wearing head covering and red necklace, denomination at UR

e.                                 49c Woman with feathered headdress, green necklace, hair of another woman at right, denomination at UR

f.                                  49c Woman wearing feathered headdress and green necklace, denomination at UR

1160                             International Dance Sheet of 6 – Native American Tribal Dancers

a.                                 $1.15 Dancer facing right, denomination in blue at UL

b.                                 $1.15 Dancer, denomination in orange at UL

c.                                 $1.15 Back of dancer, denomination in gray lilac at UR

d.                                 $1.15 Dancer looking downward, denomination in gray lilac at UL

e.                                 $1.15 Dancer with headband over eyebrows, denomination in orange red at UR, “International Dance” in white

f.                                  $1.15 Dancer, denomination in orange red at UR, “International Dance” in light blue

1161                             Australian Animals Sheet of 3

a.                                 $1.15 Koalas

b.                                 2fr Kangaroos

c.                                 €1.70 Emu

United Nations – Geneva

630                               International Dance Sheet of 6 – Quadrille Dancers

a.                                 1fr Female dancer wearing red mask facing right, striped pole

b.                                 1fr Male dancer wearing brown mask, harlequin costume, facing right

c.                                 1fr Masked male dancer wearing red mask facing right

d.                                 1fr Female dancer with brown mask facing left

e.                                 1fr Woman holding black mask facing right

f.                                  1fr Man wearing tan mask facing left

631                               International Dance Sheet of 6 – Japanese Fan Dancers

a.                                 1.50fr Dancer holding fan and other hand near her hair

b.                                 1.50fr Dancer with arm upraised at UR

c.                                 1.50fr Head of dancer, hand of dancer holding umbrella

d.                                 1.50fr Dancer, part of fan at LR

e.                                 1.50fr Dancer’s hand holding fan

f.                                  1.50fr Face of dancer, no hands visible

United Nations – Vienna

598                               Smurfs Sheet of 10 + 10 labels

a.                                 80c Insect + label

b.                                 80c Smurf wearing diving helmet + label

c.                                 80c Smurf holding archery bow + label

d.                                 80c Flower with eyes + label

e.                                 80c Smurf in park + label

f.                                  80c Smurf with police hat, whistle and baton + label

g.                                 80c Smurf holding pitchfork + label

h.                                 80c Two Smurfs wearing red caps + label

i.                                  80c Smurf holding garbage can + label

j.                                  80c Ladybug + label

599                               International Dance Sheet of 6 – Samba Dancers

a.                                 68c Lion’s head

b.                                 68c Black and tan female dancers

c.                                 68c Dancers holding drums

d.                                 68c Black female dancer

e.                                 68c White female dancer

f.                                  68c Brown female dancer

600                               International Dance Sheet of 6 – Ballet Dancers

a.                                 80c Blue dancer with hand bent downward

b.                                 80c Blue dancer with arm raised above head

c.                                 80c Blue dancer with arms extended to side

d.                                 80c Dancer with black dress

e.                                 80c Head of dancer, tip of dress at bottom

f.                                  80c Head of dancer facing right


All of the numbers appear in the New Issues Update section of the June 19, 2017 Linn’s Stamp News. For further information, contact Martin J. Frankevicz. To get all of this month's new Scott number listings, subscribe to Linn's print or digital edition today!