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Looking for $2 Jenny Invert panes? A post office in Los Angeles has several hundred

Jun 16, 2017, 5 PM
The main post office in Los Angeles, Calif., has more than 300 sealed panes of the United States 2013 Jenny Invert stamp available for purchase. Brenda Coronado, a retail manager at the post office, alerted Linn’s about the stock via a post on

By Charles Snee

Are you looking for panes of the United States 2013 $2 Jenny Invert stamp?

If so, we have good news to report: the main post office in Los Angeles has more than 300 of the six-stamp panes, all still sealed in their original packaging.

On June 16, Brenda Coronado, the retail manager at the L.A. post office, posted a comment to our Nov. 1, 2016, report about the Jenny Invert panes being available only at post offices after the inventory at Stamp Fulfillment Service in Kansas City, Mo., had been depleted.

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“If anyone is interested, I have 300+ sheets left. Still sealed. I am one of the few philatelic offices that carry off sale items,” Coronado wrote.

“Most stations have forwarded their supply to me, because they have a limited amount of stamp stock they can hold, and if an item does not sell, it is utilized as regular postage or sent for destruction.”

In response to a question from Linn’s, Coronado said the panes came from most post offices in the Los Angeles area, and from post offices in Hawaii, San Diego, and Oakland.

She also told Linn’s she had to use some Jenny Invert panes “for customer mailings during tax time.”

To purchase panes, write to Los Angeles Main Post Office (Processing Plant) Special Events, 7001 S. Central Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90052; call 323-586-1476 and ask for Brenda Coronado; or email Coronado.