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‘The little horses’ of Sardinia, Civil War forts around Washington, and the 1902 postage due stamps of Greece: Inside Linn’s Stamp News

Jun 2, 2017, 11 AM
Linn’s monthly edition features Sergio Sismondo’s popular Unveiling Classic Stamps column. In our June 19 issue, we present his rigorously researched history of the delightful Cavallini of Sardinia, “the little horses,” which were stamped letter sheets pr

By Charles Snee

It’s Friday afternoon, and the editors’ keyboards are silent (or nearly so). The presses, however, have cranked up to print the jam-packed June 19 monthly edition of Linn’s Stamp News that goes in the mail Monday, June 5, to subscribers. Here we present a few teasers of exclusive content to whet your philatelic appetite.

Sardinia: a fascinating postal anomaly for collectors

In this month’s Unveiling Classic Stamps column, Sergio Sismondo traces the development of the postal system of Sardinia, culminating in the design and production of the Cavallini: stamped letter sheets to serve private citizens that picture a post rider on a galloping horse.

Covers from Washington-area forts of the Civil War

As Labron Harris artfully explains in his Classic U.S. Postal History column, covers from the forts erected as a bulwark of protection around Washington, D.C., during the Civil War offer both challenges and rewards to the collector willing to pursue them.

Troubled origins for Greece’s 1902 postage dues

Problems with an innovative American printing method that used embossing led the original contractor, J.P. Segg & Co., to hastily pass the deal to the Perkins Bacon & Co. firm. Kathleen Wunderly, in Classic Stamps of the World, brings this tale of intrigue and turmoil vividly to life.

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